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StepWise for TSI


TSI Math Prep: Smart, Personalized, Mobile

I'm ready to take the TSI test!

If you don’t need to prepare and are ready to sit for the exam, go to your college's website to sign up. Querium's StepWise is a test preparation product. Querium does not provide the official TSI Assessment.

I should probably study some more.

If taking the PAA showed how much you've forgotten and need to study, then purchase Querium's StepWise for TSI. It will help you study for the math portion of the TSI Assessment and potentially help you skip unnecessary developmental education classes.

    • Personalized just for you – Quick Brain Scans see what you remember from math class. Then we design a learning path just for you!
    • Bite-sized lesson videos – Short videos featuring award-winning teachers.
    • Designed for mobile – Access it from your smartphone so you can practice for the TSI anywhere, anytime. Works on all devices!
    • Made for the TSI – You'll get complete coverage of the math assessed on the TSI. All lessons, practice questions, and explanations were written specifically for the new TSI Assessment.
    • Worth the $30 investment – Don’t get stuck in a math class you don’t get credit for because you didn’t take a few hours to refresh your high school math skills! $30 for Querium's StepWise gets you a personalized plan to do your best on the TSI Math Assessment. Don't spend your time and money on courses you may not need.
Refunds. Within fifteen (15) days of paying the applicable fee for this license of the Application, if you have completed five (5) lessons and are not completely satisfied with the Application, you may obtain a full refund of the license fee by contacting us at support@querium.com with the purchase details. If you purchased the Application thinking you were registering or paying for the TSI Assessment, we will only issue a 75% refund to cover our costs. Except as expressly provided above, the license fee is nonrefundable for any reason.

$ 30.00