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Welcome to Querium’s Help and Frequently Asked Questions page. Here you may find the answers you are seeking. If you do not then please contact us at: support@querium.com.

Account Information

Q: I can’t log in.

A: Did you make sure to verify your email? Querium requires email verification before you get started, so you should have received an email. Just click the link and you will be verified and can then log in.

A: If you did not receive a verification email, please make sure to check your junk/spam folder and make sure your inbox is not full. If you can’t find it, please email us at support@querium.com and we can ensure you are registered in the system.

A: If you have a privately hosted email provider check the server for email caught in those filters as well.

Q: I didn’t get my purchase receipt!

A: It takes Shopify about 5-15 minutes to email you a receipt. If you do not get one within 15 minutes, please email us at support@querium.com and we will assist. The highest likelihood is your email was entered incorrectly, or the Shopify website failed during the transaction. Either way we can help get you prepping!

Q: It's asking me to pay again!

A: If you used a different email address to purchase MathBooster than you used to register within our system then the records do not line up. In that case just let us know and we can change your purchase email to the registered email.



Customer Support

Q: What are your Customer Support Hours?

A: Querium office hours are 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Central Time, Monday through Friday. Querium will address inbound email inquiries received during regular work hours typically within 24 hours. Response time may be longer than 24 hours if we receive your inquiry on Friday, weekends or right before holidays. Please do not submit multiple inquiries as it may cause a delay in our response time while we sort out which Queriumite has made a mad dash to respond to you! We are dedicated to getting back to you as timely as possible.

Q: How can I make my support request go smoothly?

A: Please give us as much information as possible when submitting a question or requesting support. Please including information about your operating system (OS), and the web browser you are using. Examples of OS: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac. Examples of web browsers: Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer.

Q: What are the supported browsers?

A: Currently, the MathBooster product works best on Chrome, Safari and Firefox. We do not recommend using IE, as we are still optimizing the experience. Any browser version that was developed prior to 2013 is not supported. If you are having any issues please make sure to update your browser to the latest version.

Q: Can I speak to a live person?

A: Querium does not provide phone technical support. If it’s a true test prep emergency you can try our main office number at 512-833-6955. If no one answers then please leave a message, and make sure to send an email as well.

Q: Everything is loading slowly. What do I do?

A: Querium’s MathBooster is a web-based product, so your internet connection will impact download times. The videos and any question with graphics may take extra time to load if you are not in a location with reasonable download speeds. Some college campuses or Starbuck’s (ie: Coffee shop) locations share bandwidth. Your access time will vary based on time of day and how many people are accessing the network. You can either wait a few seconds, try again later, or move to a location with a more reliable Internet connection.